"I bought the product without a 'sales pitch' as I immediately saw the advantages for us. The 'payback' was four months and that is a great investment return for any of the 'bean counters' out there!"

- John Montgomery,
Information Services Manager,
Horowhenua District Council

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Organisations are increasingly dependent on email for conducting business, internally and externally. Like other documents, email is created, distributed, filed and destroyed, but this process typically happens in an ad hoc manner and outside the formal processes used for traditional business documents and information.

As a result, there are a number of risks associated with email and email management that need to be addressed by the organisation as a whole. Key stakeholders impacted by the way email is used, and how it is managed include:

Risk Manager/CxO -
who need to manage risk and protect the organisation's reputation, and in doing so comply with regulations and legislation.

IT Manager -
who struggles with the ever-expanding email store, ensuring availability of the email system, and coping with user requests to locate deleted messages.

Knowledge Manager -
who needs to be assured the knowledge within the business remains intact and available to those who need it.


End User -
who needs to easily find and use the information contained within email, without being constrained by email server limitations.


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