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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

This was a three-phase project over 5 years. The Ministry’s core outputs relate to the production and sharing of documentation to the right people in a timely fashion. The Merlin II project examined how this information could be classified, stored and shared in such a way that it was still secure.

One of the biggest challenges that the Ministry faced, was changing the culture of the organisation. Encouraging staff to change their business processes from how they currently dealt with information, to a way that enabled the business to function more efficiently and effectively.

Our Consultant was involved in all aspects from planning, designing and implementation of not only the technical solution but more importantly from a knowledge management perspective as well.

Her main focuses were:

  • Examining what information the Ministry created and what was regarding as intellectual capital.
  • Examination of the Ministry and planning how to best move this culture into the age of information sharing.

Development and implementation of:

  • A classification structure into which electronic information could be placed
  • Business process and procedures relating to how and what information should be stored
  • Archival processes and procedures
  • Gap and needs analysis for training requirements for 800 users
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